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Beyondant, LLC, is the leader in usable NFC devices, deploying wireless data transfer methods that detect and enable technology in close secured proximity to direct your customer/prospects to a desired Internet destination. The coronavirus has now changed the way we conduct business. Social Distancing is the new normal. In the times of COVID-19, paper business cards and handshaking with the clients is a great risk that can put your life in danger. Our solution of contact-free digital business cards is in high demand because it is easy, fast, and works seamlessly with ironclad security features with just a smartphone tap on any of our devices, thereby eliminating the need for physical exchanges. We provide you with an opportunity to have a digital business card and build a huge network easily. Evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, our various devices, and applications are reshaping our world. Nowadays, going digital have a lot of advantages e.g. you can update your card, share it, and leave an ever-lasting impact on your clients. With Beyondant cards you can change your information keenly, suppose you have to change your email address, in case, you are using paper businesses card you have to change and re-print the card but if you are using Beyondant digital business cards, you can customize it anytime quickly. You will not find any difficulty using the digital method if you have an NFC tag iPhone or have enabled your apple iPhone NFC.

A Smoother Way To Grow Your Business Through Networking Or Simply Grow Your Social Following

Create your Custom Digital Business Cards with us and increase your customer interaction despite social distancing. There's no need to shake hands or touch unnecessary material. If you are thinking about the payments, then don’t bother because you have the option of wireless payment method that enables you to do iPhone NFC payment by just tapping on your NFC tags iPhone. Use our technology to track customer behaviour, customer satisfaction and demands all the while maintaining strict customer business confidentiality. We provide you digital business cards that are user-friendly, convenient, and reliable. By just tapping on your phones, you can always update the information on your card. This feature gives you a break from the traditional concept of re-printing of the business cards. Our custom digital business cards are pocket friendly that you can afford easily. We make these business cards by keeping in mind the demands of our customers. Imagine having a digital business card that will never tear or runs out. You can enable secure online shopping and create loyalty programs with the use of our Custom cards, Bracelets tags, stickers, and other NFC enabled devices, through this you can give your business and social presence a boom. With our digital business cards, you will better express yourself as a seller and can showcase your business in the digital business world. We allow you to tell who you are, explain what your business is all about, and how it works. The information and graphics provided by you will help the customers to reach out to your business with the blink of an eye. Send your business card to people on their smartphones by using our profile sharing bracelet. The iOS NFC tags on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad allow you to transmit the information digitally.

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Our Products

At this moment we have four products which leverage Near Field Communications and Beyondant’s Profile sharing platform namely Profile Sharing Bracelet, Digital Custom Business Cards, Bemorial Tags and Smart Stickers. We provide you the shortest pathway to connect to the customers. By using our profile sharing bracelets, you can make your business viral. This platform serves businesses of all industries as well as the everyday Consumers where it takes seconds to digitally share contact details, social media profiles, internet marketing information, corporate web site, or relevant online information. Share the digital business cards with your clients by using NFC Apple iPhone. Not only with the iPhone, but you can use NFC tags iOS or nfc tags iphone devices for multiple business purposes. Scan the NFC tag with any of your NFC tag iOS or nfc tags iphone devices and obtain the information linked with it.

Design Your First Digital Business Card In Seconds

Get a state-of-the-art digital business card with unlimited changes to your contact details. Add your graphic file and your profile picture quickly and with ease. Compatible with iPhone, Android, Desktop and tablets. You can share it via SMS, email, WhatsApp and more. Help your customers remember you!. Create your free account to get started!

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