With NFC You Can Transmute Your Ordinary Life

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Smart Payments Through NFC Technology

The android nfc service and technology can be used for various reasons e.g. in the packaging industry. But, on the other hand, NFC also provides its customers the opportunity to transfer money without coming in contact with the receiver. For this, you have to invest in NFC smart cards through which you can make secure cashless credit card payments. These smart cards are designed specially to ease the process of business transactions, paying bills, and purchasing of goods.

How NFC Tags Work

In phone to phone communications, the NFC tags work to store information such as contact details, email address, etc. it also includes short text and links of Google play apps. The nfc android phone with NFC tags, works without electric supply, these are basically passive readers which depend on active devices. These passive readers send information to the active devices for example your smartphones or android nfc services enabled devices. The NFC tags work through the magnetic field which is generated by the active devices.

How To Enable NFC android phone services in Your Smartphones

There are just two things that you need to enable NFC android phone service in your smartphones. First is your smartphone and the other is the NFC tag. You do not have to worry about installing the NFC technology because nowadays almost every smartphone has NFC hardware in it. In order to activate it, you need to open the NFC setting on your phones and change the setting to program the NFC tags. After changing the settings, you can use the programmed tags though NFC bracelets and your smartphones.

Beyondant Digital Business Cards with NFC Technology

There is no doubt that the rapidly growing technological inventions have changed all traditional ways of life. Similarly, new digital business cards have replaced the old-fashioned paper business cards. Here at Beyondant, you can have your own digital business cards that permit you to share the given information with your customers. Instead of handing over your business card to the customers, just swipe it against the NFC enabled smartphones. By Swiping the card in NFC devices, your contact information will be transferred to the other person in just a few seconds.
At Beyondant, you can make your own digital business card in just a few steps. We provide you smart business cards with NFC technology at a low cost. By using these cards, you can read and transfer contact information through smartphones. This way you have the advantage of transferring the data fast and with ease.

Enhance Security with NFC Technology

NFC service android technology is used at every place nowadays from digital business cards to door locks. This is the smartest technology that can be used efficiently for security purposes. In the present times, verification of identities is required for every purpose. To get entry into an event, hotel, or company, you first need to verify the identity of the guests. It is a lengthy and time taking procedure but with NFC technology it has been made easier. Using your NFC stickers, you can send invitations to everyone. The receiver with the NFC enabled smartphones and NFC bracelets can have the details of the event.
On the other hand, you can verify the identity of the invited guests by reading their digital business cards. Using the NFC technology, the security team can scan and check the invited guests’ identities. This is not only convenient for the organizers, but also for the guests. Beyondant helps his customers by providing the facility of NFC technology digital business cards through which they can easily share their information with the event organizers.